Products & Services

Our product line consists primarly of automotive industry products like rollcarpets, interior trim and luggage compartment systems, exterior parts, trucks & industrial vehicle systems and floor mats. Also we provide other products and services like exhibition carpets, furniture solutions, technical felts, plastic parts, CMM service, lab tests.



Carpets for exhibitions and events

Exhibition carpets are designed as temporary floor covering. Our exhibition carpets are made from polypropylene or polyester fibres using the needle punch method. Our materials are easy to re-roll and install. The standard width of the exhibition carpets is 2,0m. Depending on the quality, the length of the rolls varies from 20 to 30 running meters. Prices start from 3.20 eur/m2.

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Furniture solutions

In recent years, Mistra has contributed to the manufacturing of furniture industry.
Together with our customers we have developed a series of products that are made from felt or are felt-covered.
Felt boxes and drawers look smart and elegant. Felt-covered floor and table screens have been a favourite in open office furnishing for many years already. Now we also offer acoustical wall panels.

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Technical felts

Mistra is also well-known in the semi-finished products’ industry.
We produce a wide range of semi-finished products, like needle punch backings for different tufted carpets, surface layers for running mats, needle punch felts for footwear industry, loudspeaker upholstery etc.

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plastic parts

We specialise in manufacuting large scale plastic products.
Shot size: 150g to 5000g
Clamping force: 3500kN to 15000kN
Platen size: 1250×1590 to 1895×1830mm
Distance between tierods: 870×840mm to 1400×1250mm

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CMM service

Mistra offers CMM contact measurement service, using Carl Zeiss ACCURA II AKTIV. The measuring area dimensions are 1200×2400×1000 mm and we are equipped with a RDS rotary probehead with scanning ability.

We have tools and software for a wide range of measurements – from first article inspection to reverse engineering.

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Project "Resource-Efficient Production in Mistra-Autex AS"

The project “Resource-Efficient Production in Mistra-Autex AS” received support from the European Regional Development Fund.
Project summary:
Under the project, the company will replace the production equipment with a more innovative and economical equipment.
Project Objective and Outcome:
The objective is to increase resource productivity in the company through the adoption of innovative technologies, resulting in a 2.1% increase in resource usage.
Amount of Support:
186 481 euros

Project "Supporting the Digital Transformation of Mistra-Autex AS"

The project “Supporting the Digital Transformation of Mistra-Autex AS“ received funding from the European Union’s NextGenerationEU Recovery Fund.
Project summary:
As a result of the project, the digitalization of Mistra-Autex AS’s production will be increased, thereby enhancing the company’s added value per employee.
Project Objective and Outcome:
As a result of the measure, a new generation ERP system will be adopted by the company, which will allow for better collection, analysis, and optimization of information related to production, purchasing, sales, quality, and warehouse processes. This software also enables easy integration with other software solutions used within the company. Additionally, the company will acquire servers and the associated hardware necessary to operate the software. The measure includes the acquisition of hardware and software, software development, training, and the implementation process.
Amount of Support:
258,879.31 euros

Project "Increasing the Supply Security of Mistra-Autex AS"

The aim of the project “Increasing the Supply Security of Mistra-Autex AS” is to utilize electricity produced from a renewable energy source (photovoltaic solar energy) and to increase the company’s supply security. As a result of the project, a solar power plant for local renewable energy production has been established and put into use, with the renewable energy produced being consumed by the company, thereby improving supply security with electricity. The project is partially funded by the European Union’s Recovery Fund NextGenerationEU, with a grant amount of 94,484.10 euros.

Project "Increasing the security of supply of Mistra-Autex AS through electrification"

The goal of the project “Increasing the security of supply of Mistra-Autex AS through electrification” is to switch from fossil fuels to a renewable energy source through electrification, replacing forklifts and stackers powered by fossil energy with equipment powered by renewable electricity. As a result of the project, 4 electric forklifts and a stacker with chargers and additional batteries have been put into use to ensure a continuous work process, the use of fossil fuels is reduced. The project is partially financed from the resources of the European Union’s NextGenerationEU recovery fund, the amount of the support is 72651 euros.